Becoming an Heiress

On top of offering high quality, vegan, and universally fitting beauty products to provide our NC™ Heiresses with FABULOUS makeup looks, Noel Cosmetics™ is also on a mission to change the current beauty standards to fit a more diverse dynamic where ALL faces and skintones can be praised. We cherish our customers because you guys are not only supporting a black-owned, women-owned, and cruelty-free brand, but you're also contributing to our movement of #UniversalBeauty. To show how grateful we are, we want to share our capital by offering an opportunity for our customers to become PARTNERS! As of today we're launching our Nbassador Program: Every NC™ Heiress who refers a freind/fellow makeup lover will get 30% commission per sale! Yes darlings, you can now make money off of the products you love so much!